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Welcome to my website. Spa Travel is a full service Travel agency focused on relaxed adventure. Prior to founding this company, I had over 25 years of personal travel experience. Spa Travel provides online booking capabilities. We also provide a personal touch to every customer contact. We are the only people who will answer the (317) 371-1846 phone and respond to your E-Mails. We offer the absolute best customer service available and promise to have your best interests at heart.

Spa Travel can send you to some of the best resorts and on the finest cruise ships in the world. You can start the process with completing a customer profile or with one phone call. We will make all the arrangements, sort out all the little details, and relieve you of all the hassles. All at no additional cost to you.

Spa Travel can help you fulfill your dream of a lifetime honeymoon with a romantic getaway. Whether it's a cruise, tour, all inclusive resort, or a customized package Spa Travel can make it happen.

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Orlando FL
Miami FL
Las Vegas NV
Dominican Republic

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